124 Miles (200 Km)

You could be collected from your own Delhi hotel, in order to

This World Heritage site was usually an architectural masterpiece, and most remarkable Mugal legacy Empire that ruled over India for 200 years from earlier 16th century.

As you travel 124 miles to Agra you going to be amazed by colors and diversity of India displayed in everyday lifetime. Nevertheless, our guide will lead you into tofort’s massive walls and through a maze of buildings that form a city within a city.

As you explore this magnificent Word Heritage site you will practice of its history and of art golden era, literature and architecture in India. Plese be prepared for a long day, trip length usually can vary according to unpredictable traffic conditions.

Continue by road across Yumuna River to light red sandstone Agra Fort, built by good Mughal Emperor Akbar in late 16th century.


On arrival in Agra, the first stop always was sublimely beautiful Taj Mahal, built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a testament for his love for his wife Mumtaz Muhal. Your guide will enlighten you with stories from Taj Mahal, tales of love, loss, tragedy and amazing architectural feats. It’s a well Please note journey between Delhi and Agra will make betwixt 5 and 6 hours. Return to Delhi and to our own hotel by road. The city’s fundamental handicraft products besides inlay work are leather, brass, carpets, jewelry, and embroidery work.

Built by Emperor Akbar in 1565 CE, so this huge fort has probably been made from dim red sandstone, and its elegant buildings reflect Hindu synthesis and Central Asian architectural styles.

Travel in an individual vehicle to Agra, around a ‘3hour’ drive away via Yamuna Express Highway.

Get picked up from either airport or your own Delhi hotel at 30am with intention to reach Taj Mahal at dawn. Savor an included buffet breakfast in a 4/five star hotel prior to moving on to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Agra Fort, merely after our own tour. On arrival in Agra, meet your own neighboring ur guide and begin a sunrise world ur famous Taj Mahal, built by a good emperor in memory of his beloved wife. You should make it into account. While arriving by 5pm, where you should be dropped off at your hotel or toairport, simply after a memorable day, you going to be driven back to Delhi. Its maze of courtyards, mosques, and peronal chambers echo Mughal story Empire. You see, Next, feel lucky about some shopping in Agra, that always was reputed for its one-of-a-kind handicrafts created from marble with softstone inlay work. At around 1pm, savor a rest at one of a few neighboring restaurants in tocity. Just keep reading! Head to toTajMahal, India’s most iconic building and a UNESCO World ‘Heritage listed’ site.

Along toway, stop at a well known restaurant for traditionary Indian eats.

This 94acre brick fort dates back to 1080 AD and has seen a great deal of battles and undergone big renovations.

Admire trellis work and precious stone inlay as you listen to the guide’s commentary and practice about strong Persian influence on totomb’s design first in India entirely made out of marble. Built between 1622 and 1628 by Empress Nur Jahan for her father, mausoleum is rather often described as a jewel box. Its most predominant structure, white domed marble mausoleum, was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, and combines Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural styles. Stop first at UNESCO World Heritagelisted Agra Fort, a treasure house of Mughal architecture. On the guided tour, admire tostructure’s magnificent construction, intricate exterior and interior decor, beautiful garden and outlying redish sandstone buildings. Spanning an area of about 1000 acres, now this majestic architectural wonder offers incredible sights. Witness Hindu interesting fusion and Islamic influences on its construction and decor as you walk inside fort with our guide and practice about special buildings functions including Moti Masjid, DiwaniKhas, ‘DiwaniAm’, Sheesh Mahal and more. Visit ItmadudDaulah Tomb, situated on opposite Yamuna bank from Taj Mahal and commonly prominent as Baby Taj. Get a special ur of a few antique structures of Agra, a city on Yamuna banks River. Ok, and now one of most crucial parts. Peronal pickup will get you from Delhi approximately 4 hours to Agra.

After special tour, sit back and relax on drive back to Delhi.

Walk around complex to see beautifully designed rooms like Diwan I Am and to’DiwanIKhas’, added by Shah Jahan.

Commissioned by Shah Jahan as a memorial to his third wife Mumtaz Mahal, domed marble mausoleum ok 20 years to build. Essentially, Next, study about 16thcentury intricate design Agra Fort, that combines both Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. Notice that Built by Emperor Akbar on Yamuna banks River, fort is constructed of light red sandstone. You see, Upon pickup in morning from airport or the hotel in Delhi by a special chauffeur, you’re transferred in a peronal comfort vehicle to Agra, a distance of approx. On p of this, get a look at original architectural drawings and plans for Taj Mahal complex, consequently drive to Agra Fort. Viator Exclusives combine uncommon experiences and good deals from conventional urs to once in a lifetime experiences and are not accessible from another ‘3rdparty’ online sellers.

Reaching Agra by afternoon, head to four star Gateway Hotel for lunch.

a UNESCO World Heritage site and amid to 7 World Wonders, right after lunch you’re taken to aj Mahal.

Get in superb views from torestaurant’s Sky Deck, an opensided venue on tohotel’s rooftop providing limited seating and unhindered vistas. This treasure trove of more than 100 artifacts including paintings, vases and coins, provides tremendous insight. Thus, Afterward, you’re taken back to Delhi with drop off at our hotel. So, our own guide discusses this exemplar of Mughal architecture and share knowledge of its Persian designer. Alternatively, relish hightea option following our visit to Taj Mahal. Proceed with up with a visit to Taj Museum, located in surrounding Naubat Khana complex. Let me tell you something. Listen as our guide enlightens you with interesting stories behind this icon of India. Nonetheless, it’s a remarkable experience that, mixed with sightseeing, has probably been entirely attainable with this exclusive tour, feel good about a 5course menu with Taj Mahal as your backdrop. However, first head to Gateway Sky Deck Hotel to feel good about your own selection, So in case you’ve booked tea option. Eerie cry seems to issue from totomb wall.